Fixed hybrid dentures, also referred to as fixed hybrid implants or hybrid implant dentures, offer a dependable and durable solution for individuals dealing with missing or compromised teeth. Dr. Wendy Willoughby and Dr. Teresa Bare typically recommend this treatment option when there is a need to address multiple tooth extractions, providing you with a stable, resilient and natural-looking solution for your smile.

Crafted to enhance the support and robustness of dentures, fixed hybrid appliances are designed to rest on the gums and teeth just like traditional removable dentures. However, a significant distinction lies in the secure attachment of the fixed hybrid dentures through strategically positioned dental implants. Unlike conventional dentures, these hybrid versions are not removable without professional intervention from a dentist.

In the initial consultation, our skilled dentists will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your oral health to determine the optimal number of implant placements required. Generally, around four to six implant posts are needed to anchor the new teeth securely in place. Beyond their role in stabilization, these implant posts also mimic the function of natural tooth roots by stimulating the underlying bone, promoting its health and ensuring a solid foundation for your smile.

Upon the completion of the fixed hybrid treatment, the final outcome is intended to mirror the appearance, sensation and functionality of your original teeth. Similar to other implant-based procedures, proper oral hygiene practices at home coupled with regular dental check-ups are pivotal in maintaining the longevity of fixed hybrid implants, which have the potential to last a lifetime.

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