Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) is a type of light therapy that can be used to promote healing, reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, encourage health immunomodulation and more. PBMT, also known as low level laser therapy, uses non-ionizing light sources in both the visible and infrared spectrum, such as laser, LED and broadband light, to stimulate an increase in cellular metabolism to promote tissue repair and regeneration.

At Chestnut Family Dentistry, our dentists, Dr. Wendy Willoughby and Dr. Teresa Bare, can use PBMT to treat a number of dental conditions, including oral lesions (lichen planus), recurrent cold sores and canker sores, dry mouth (hyposalivation), pemphigus vulgaris, burning mouth syndrome, bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BIONJ), facial pain (trigeminal neuralgia), facial nerve paralysis, geographic tongue, chronic sinus inflammation, and more. This treatment can be used in conjunction with other recommended procedures to relieve pain, target inflammation and help you recover more quickly from sports injuries.

To learn more about photobiomodulation therapy in Asheville, North Carolina, and to schedule your upcoming consultation at our office, call our team at 828-255-0936 or stop by our office today.